JADE Craftsman Builders
Building Our Customer's Dreams




Service to our clients: We strive to fully address our customer’s needs, offer clear
consistent communication, design the best approach to serve our customers, and
continuously watch for how we can serve better.

High quality craftsmanship: JADE Craftsman Builders takes pride in the quality of work
we do. We appreciate the opportunity to create the best buildings we can for our customers,
and to continually improve the quality of our craftsmanship.

Environmentally sound: JADE uses sustainable building practices, with concern for health
of the environment, including those who manufacture the materials we use, ourselves as we
assemble a project, our clients who are to live in the home, and the earth, as we consider the
extraction, disruption, and disposal created by our activities.



Integrity: At JADE we are responsible for our actions. We honor our commitments and are
trustworthy and fair in all of our transactions.

Pride: We take pride in our business and our work. We are committed to taking a positive
approach and working as a supportive team.

Innovation: At JADE we continually look for improvements in our methods and systems. We
seek out better green building practices to offer to our clients, and look for ways to deliver our
work with greater efficiency.